Birth Services

Joyce Kimball, CPM

Greta, Joyce & babyEven before I was pregnant, I knew I wanted a natural homebirth. When my partner and I learned we were expecting our first child together, I called Joyce Kimball, who met with us and discussed a homebirth and her role as a midwife during the birthing year. It was immediately apparent that Joyce is a warm, calm, compassionate midwife with a wealth of knowledge, so we decided right then that we wanted to use Birth Services.

We looked forward to each visit with her. She is a wonderful listener, addressing any concerns you may have, explaining what changes your body is going through, and she is truly a wealth of knowledge with so many resources and suggestions on how to prepare body and mind for birth. She understands that we as women are perfectly capable of birth. Joyce always made my partner and I feel like we were her only clients even though she was constantly on the go!

Greta, partner, & babyWhen I started having contractions, Joyce came to our home with little notice and made sure she was there to comfort and support. A few days later when our daughter was born, naturally, at home, like we had planned, I felt so confident having Joyce there. She constantly made sure I was comfortable, cool washcloth and apple juice at the ready; she is present yet unobtrusive.

My partner and I were so honored to have her there with us during the most magical moment of our lives together: the birth of a healthy baby girl. But the care doesn't end there: Joyce is back to support mom, dad and baby through the postpartum period. It is all these visits which you don't realize you will appreciate so much! She gave me the resources I needed to ensure successful and comfortable breastfeeding and provided helpful information on baby's health into toddlerhood and beyond. And Joyce is just so damn lovely to be around!

If you are looking for a midwife to offer compassion and experience through pregnancy, birth and beyond, call Joyce!